Did you know the first iPOLL question about the 2016 election appeared in 2013? It’s been a long road.  Now that election day is in the past, a look back over the 2016 race as seen through the lens of Roper Center’s historical polling data:

Vote Fraud

Curbed Enthusiasm: Voting in 2016

None of the Above: Polling and Third Party Candidates

Candidates and Tax Returns

Conventional Wisdom: Delegates, Conventions, and Nominations

Two Thumbs Down: 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Favorability

Madame President: Public Attitudes

Podiums, Platforms, and Polls: Public Opinion on the Election Debates

Never Back Down from a Fight. A Debate Is Another Story.


Want more? There are more than 5000 questions in iPOLL about the 2016 election from 2015 to today. New datasets from election polls are added regularly.