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In an effort to provide more comprehensive and efficient access to its ever-expanding collection of survey data, the Roper Center has posted an on-line version of its catalog of public opinion studies to the web. The catalog does not include survey results but does provide the user with descriptive and methodological information for thousands of surveys.

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Search Tips

Search Terms - Use the first text field to search for combinations of words and phrases in study titles and descriptions. Compound search criteria are allowed, so feel free to use and's or or's.  You may also use the wildcard (%) symbol to expand your search. The wildcard allows you to search on different forms of the same word without having to specify each form in the "Search" field. For example, enter "ethic%" when you wish to find datasets containing "ethic," "ethics," "ethical," or "ethically." Some keywords present problems in wildcard searching. If you are doing a search on international trade agreements, you might be inclined to search on "import%" to find results containing "import," "imports," "imported," or "importing," but such a search will also retrieve results containing "important" or "importance." In a case like this, it is better to enter all the different forms of your keyword separately, or use the "not" option to rule out the words you do not want included in the search.

Date Range - Enter the target data range by using the standard mm/dd/yyyy format. If you are looking for a specific date enter that date into both boxes. The Center houses surveys from the earliest days of systematic polling, beginning with 1936.

Organizations - Enter the name of the organization which either conducted the surveys you are looking for or which sponsored those surveys. Examples of ongoing sponsorship of surveys include the Pew Research Center-sponsored surveys conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates and USA Today/CNN-sponsored polls conducted by the Gallup Organization. These collections can be found by searching for both the survey firm and one of the sponsoring organizations.

Searching for Type of Sample - Again using Boolean connectors you can search for studies based on specific types of samples (or include oversamples) such as registered voters, exiting voters, residents of specific states, and sub-samples within the population including Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Catholics, parents and teenagers. Flexibility is required to search for the availability of some sub-samples. Use terms such as teens, teenagers, youth and young adults when searching for teenage samples, for instance.


Search Results

Contents - Search results include the study number, title, survey firm, sponsor (if applicable), and methodological information (field dates, sample, sample size and notes). For many studies acquired by the Center since 1980, you will find summary descriptions of the major topics covered by the studies, as well as the approximate number of variables included.

Sort Order - The results are sorted by field dates in descending order, so that the most recent data appear first.


Ordering Information

Contact - Please contact Data Services staff for further information about studies found in the catalog. They will be happy to answer your questions and help guide you in the acquisition of the Center's survey data files. Data Services can be contacted by email at


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This catalog of Datasets references polls conducted in the US, internationally and in various US states.

Datasets are surveys formatted to permit computer analysis to see how groups of respondents answered questions.

Study Questionnaires are available to all visitors, however, access to dataset files is restricted to Roper Center MEMBERS.

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Original source copyright maintained by individual survey organizations. 

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