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Do you feel things in the country are going in the right direction, or do you feel things have gotten off on the wrong track? (If Right direction/Wrong track, ask:) And do you feel strongly or somewhat about that? (Source: Politico/George Washington University Battleground Brushfire 2012 Survey, Nov, 2012)

Right direction-strongly

Right direction-somewhat

Wrong track-somewhat

Wrong track-strongly



Survey by Politico, George Washington University. Methodology: Conducted by Tarrance Group & Lake Research Partners, November 4 - November 5, 2012 and based on 1,000 telephone interviews. Sample: National likely voters. Likely voters are registered voters who said they are somewhat/very/extremely like to vote in 2012, or they already voted. [USTARR.12BRUSH6.R01] (View Citation)

Topics: MOOD

Do you feel things in this country are generally going in the right direction or do you feel things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track? (Source: CBS News Poll, Jan, 2011)

Right direction

Wrong track

Don't know/No answer

Dataset is available using RoperExpress VIEW DATASET ABSTRACT

Methodology: Conducted by CBS News, January 5 - January 9, 2011 and based on 1,178 telephone interviews. Sample: National adult. The interviews were conducted by land-line and cell phones. [USCBS.030711.R02] (View Citation)

Topics: MOOD

Dataset: USCBS2011-01A

Variable: Q2

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