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As you may know, a book by Michael Wolff about President (Donald) Trump and his administration has been released. The book's title is Fire and Fury. Based on what you have heard about the book, do you think it is mostly true or not? (Source: Quinnipiac University Poll, Jan, 2018)

Yes/Mostly true


Don't know/No answer


Methodology: Conducted by Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, January 5 - January 9, 2018 and based on 1,106 telephone interviews. Sample: National registered voters. The interviews included landline and cell phones. [USQUINN.011118.R40] (View Citation)


Thinking specifically about recent immigrants, that is people who have come to the United States to live and work in the past ten years or so, which of the following statements is closer to your opinion about these immigrants coming to the United States?...They mostly adopted essential American culture and values when they got here, they mostly retained their own cultures and values (Source: Associated Press-NORC American Identity Survey, Feb, 2017)

They mostly adopted essential American culture and values when they got here

They mostly retained their own cultures and values

Don't know



Survey by Associated Press. Methodology: Conducted by AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, February 16 - February 20, 2017 and based on 1,004 telephone and online interviews. Sample: National adult. 785 respondents were interviewed online, and 218 by telephone. Interviews were conducted both online using a self-administered design and by telephone using live interviewers. All interviews were conducted among participants in AmeriSpeak, a probability-based panel designed to be representative of the national US adult population run by NORC at the University of Chicago. Panel participants without Internet access were interviewed via telephone by professional interviewers under the direction of NORC. NORC's AmeriSpeak Panel provides a representative panel of civilian, non-institutional adults (age 18 and over) living in the United States. 45% of completed interviews are sourced from Amerispeak, and 55% of completed interviews are sourced from a panel of young adults custom built by NORC. The Young Adult sample is from a probability-based household panel that uses an address based sample from a registered voter database of the entire US. Households were selected using stratified random sampling to support over-sampling of households with African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians ages 18-30. NORC contacted sampled households by US mail and by telephone, inviting them to register and participate in public opinion surveys twice a month [USAP.030517N.R06] (View Citation)


Did you happen to go to the movies yesterday? (Source: Gallup Poll (AIPO), Aug, 1940)



Dataset is available using RoperExpress VIEW DATASET ABSTRACT

Methodology: Conducted by Gallup Organization, August 10 - August 16, 1940 and based on 1,500 personal interviews. Sample: National adult. Form K interviewed Aug. 10-15, 1940, Form T Aug. 11-16, 1940. Sample size is approximate. [USGALLUP.40-205.QKT09] (View Citation)


Dataset: USAIPO1940-0205

Original source copyright maintained by individual survey organizations. 

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