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Vote for President 1940-2012


Why You Should Make a Personalized Account

Being IP authenticated on your campus enables you to conduct some searches (like online stores let you shop without signing in), but using your personalized account permits you much greater access and the ability to utilize more tools.
Sign in to make use of these research tools—

Download datasets (it is required that the individual agree to the terms of responsible use to access data at this level)
Use RoperExplorer, an online data analysis tool to run crosstabs […]

Hurricane Katrina: A Look Back

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most deadly, costly, and destructive storms in U.S. history. A decade later, people impacted by the storm are still dealing with its devastating effects. Controversies surrounded both the recovery efforts and New Orleans’ existing emergency preparedness, with critics citing poorly constructed levees for causing the majority of flood damage.

But what did the people directly affected by the storm think about these issues? What were people’s biggest concerns? What had […]

Rutger’s Work Trends Series

The John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development is based at Rutgers University. The university-based research and policy center, founded in 1997, is dedicated to raising the effectiveness of the American workplace by strengthening workforce education, placement and training programs and policies. […]

ABC News/Washington Post Poll Update

Six ABC News/Washington Post polls conducted from May, 2014-January, 2015 are now available for download. These studies cover topics including the Economy, CIA, Ebola,  Criminal Justice and Race, and 2016 Presidential Election. View the new ABC News/Washington Post Polls.

1948 illustration of the survey research process

A graphic from Jean Stoetzel’s 1948 book Les Sondages D’Opinion Publique illustrates the survey research process from initial questionnaire design to publication of results.

Pew Hispanic Trends: National Surveys of Latinos

Pew Hispanic Trends Project by Pew Research Center chronicles the diverse and changing lives of the U.S. Latino population and its impact on the nation.  Their yearly National Survey of Latinos covers key topics in social and political trends.

Recent datasets available for download include:

Pew Hispanic Center 2012 National Survey of Latinos, conducted September 7-October 4, 2012, focused on the 2012 presidential election, attitudes toward immigration law, and media and technology use.
Pew Hispanic Center 2011 National Survey […]

What Shapes Health?

When people say that they’re healthy, what do they mean? What external factors can cause health problems, and what is it exactly that makes a person healthy? In this HSPH/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/NPR Poll, find out what America believes shapes a person’s overall well-being. Personal habits, ways to improve health, and childhood factors influencing health are all featured in this survey. Demographic questions about weight, smoking habits, and insurance coverage are also included.

The data was collected […]

Welcome American Viewpoint & Ohio Wesleyan University

Students, faculty, and staff at Ohio Wesleyan University and colleagues at American Viewpoint now have full access as members of the Roper Center. To access Roper Center resources from off-campus or see if your institution is a member, check out our List of Members page.

Nationalist Republicans and the Cold War

Public Perspective, October/November 1997

In 1964, Ronald Reagan was on the mashed potato circuit campaigning for Barry Goldwater.  As his text he used a talk he had given for years to employees of General Electric, sponsors of the television series he hosted and a major defense contractor.  In advocating Goldwater’s candidacy, Reagan railed against communism and claimed that Democratic liberals had become the Neville Chamberlains of their day.  Read more