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About Kathleen Weldon

Kathleen is Director of Member Relations and Communications for Roper. A graduate of Wesleyan University with a degree in English, she started her career in public opinion at Harvard designing surveys with media and foundation partners. Kathleen is a member of AAPOR.

Understanding the 2016 Election Polls

After Trump’s stunning upset on Election Day, pollsters have been making their best efforts to understand just why the 2016 election polls missed the mark. Although the estimate of the final popular vote was not terribly inaccurate, polling in swing states showed consistent error toward Clinton, skewing expectations for election night.  While AAPOR’s committee on  the accuracy of pre-election polling will not complete their in-depth review until the spring, in the meantime there are many […]

Vote Fraud

Donald Trump has claimed that illegal voting – including voting by non-citizens or people voting under assumed identities – was responsible for Hillary Clinton’s popular vote win. Does the American public believe in large-scale vote fraud? […]

In Memoriam: Jim Davis

Jim Davis, giant in the field of survey research and winner of the 2010 Roper Center Mitofsky Award, died on September 29 after a brief illness. His contributions to sociology included the establishment of the General Social Survey, an unparalleled resource on the changing attitudes of Americans. […]

In Memoriam: Helen Crossley

Helen Crossley, a pioneer in the field of public opinion research and a longtime friend of the Roper Center, has died at the age of 95.


Shutdown Showdown

Another budget negotiation, another government shutdown? Maybe. […]

Curbed Enthusiasm: Voting in 2016

Much has been made of the supposed disenchantment of voters in the current election. In the most recent CBS News/NYT poll, only 36% of registered voters say they are enthusiastic about voting this year. But a review of polling on voter’s feelings in elections over the last two decades indicates that voter unhappiness this year may be somewhat overstated from a historical perspective. […]

Presidential Approval: An Overview of Tools

Are midterms a referendum on the sitting president’s performance to date? How does presidential approval in Donald Trump’s first term compare to Barack Obama’s second term compared to that of George W. Bush? How about to Harry Truman? With the Roper Center’s  Presidential Approval Ratings tool, users can easily create graphs to compare approval ratings of up to three presidents across their terms. […]

Roper Data at the Presidential Debates

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research has long served as a major resource for journalists covering presidential elections. This year, the Roper archive will play an even greater role in press reporting on the Presidential debates. Journalists at the debate site will have easy access to a timeline of 2016 data from U.S. polling organizations, compiled by Roper to provide a public opinion framework. […]

Event: 2016 Election Polling: A Postmortem

DC-AAPOR and the Roper Center present 2016 Election Polling:  A Postmortem – Just What Do Voters Expect?  

Wednesday, November 16th, 3:00 to 5:30PM […]

Candidates and Tax Returns

Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns, a decision that Hillary Clinton has denounced with ads that imply these documents hide secrets that would be devastating to her opponent’s campaign. Will this message resonate with voters? The polling seems to indicate that while the public does want to see returns, they may not consider the issue an important one. […]