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2014 Election Day & 2016 State Primary Exit Polls now available from National Election Poll!

Explore the newly acquired 2014 National Election Pool Election Day Exit Polls & 2016 National Election Poll State Primary Exit Polls, available at the Roper Center.
The 2014 election day collection features the 2014 national dataset as well as 27 state-level datasets. The 2016 state primary collection includes data from 55 primaries.

We would like to thank ABC News, the Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News, as well as Edison Research, for contributing this […]

Metadata at Roper: Building Usability

Since moving to Cornell in late 2015, the Roper Center has been rebuilding its archival structure and replacing old systems with new technology. […]

1962 Roper Interviewers’ Handbook

Early polling researchers knew well that their data was only as good as their interviewers. […]

Roper Center Awarded CoreTrustSeal Certification

We are pleased to announce the Roper Center has been awarded the CoreTrustSeal certification for 2017-2019. […]

Exploring the Andrew Kohut Collection

When most people think about the Roper Center, they think data. While data and datasets are what the Center is about for the most part, there are collections at the Center […]

New Year’s Resolution: Archive Your Data

Vital research on public opinion is lost every day.

Hard drives holding valuable polling data are gathering dust in storage rooms. […]

Lopez, Musick, Schuldt Join Roper Center Board of Directors

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, the world’s largest archive of public opinion data, welcomes three new members to its Board of Directors […]

Celebrating the Roper Center’s 70th Anniversary

In 2017, the Roper Center is proud to celebrate 70 years as the world’s foremost archive of public opinion data. Since its founding in 1947, the Center has worked to collect, preserve and disseminate data that reflects the opinions of people around the world, on topics ranging from government policy to popular culture. […]

NADDI 2017

Roper Center is proud to co-host the NADDI (North American Data Documentation Initiative) 2017 Conference at Cornell University. […]

Going to ACRL?

Going to the ACRL 2017 conference in Baltimore? We are! […]