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Roper at WAPOR Latin American Conference

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research was proud to be a sponsor and presenter at the seventh Latin American Conference of the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) in Monterrey, Mexico in October. […]

In Memoriam: Jim Davis

Jim Davis, giant in the field of survey research and winner of the 2010 Roper Center Mitofsky Award, died on September 29 after a brief illness. His contributions to sociology included the establishment of the General Social Survey, an unparalleled resource on the changing attitudes of Americans. […]

Roper Data at the Presidential Debates

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research has long served as a major resource for journalists covering presidential elections. This year, the Roper archive will play an even greater role in press reporting on the Presidential debates. Journalists at the debate site will have easy access to a timeline of 2016 data from U.S. polling organizations, compiled by Roper to provide a public opinion framework. […]

Event: 2016 Election Polling: A Postmortem

DC-AAPOR and the Roper Center present 2016 Election Polling:  A Postmortem – Just What Do Voters Expect?  

Wednesday, November 16th, 3:00 to 5:30PM […]

Roper/CIPA Speaker Series: Arthur Lupia

Arthur Lupia’s Uninformed: Why People Know So Little About Politics and What We Can Do About It
Monday, May 2, 2016 at 12:00 pm in 655 Rhodes Hall (next to the Roper Center).

Lunch will be provided – Students, faculty and staff welcome. […]

Save the Date: Arthur Lupia

We are pleased to announce that Arthur “Skip” Lupia will be the inaugural speaker at the CIPA – Roper Center Public Opinion Speaker Series. […]

Student Employment at the Roper Center

Students, both graduate and undergraduate, have always been integral to the Roper Center. Students work in the archive, processing new datasets to make them ready for download, converting historical datasets into usable formats, writing dataset abstracts, and digitizing the documentation that ensures data can analyzed and understood into the future. Students work in the iPOLL database, adding new questions to keep the archive up-to-date, and proofing to ensure quality. Over the years, students have played […]

Want a Webinar?

What’s the difference between RoperExplorer and iPOLLPlus?

I hear a lot about unreliable polls; if a poll is archived at the Roper Center, does that mean I can trust it?

How do I design a search so I don’t get 5000 results — or none at all?

Why can I find some polls in iPOLL, but not in the dataset catalog, and vice versa?

How can two questions get such different responses when they seem to be asking about the same […]

Season’s Greetings from the Roper Center

The staff are looking forward to their winter break so that they might enjoy the pleasures of the season: sipping cocoa, playing in the snow, seeing family, looking at polls from holidays gone by. What? Doesn’t everyone celebrate with public opinion data? But they’re the most wonderful toplines of the year! Here, try some delicious tidbits from the Ghosts of Winter Polls Past:


1938: Gallup found 28% of Americans planned to make a New Year’s resolution. In […]

The People of the Roper Center at UConn: An Appreciation

In 1978, just after the Roper Center relocated to the University of Connecticut from its first home at Williams College, Donald Deluca, Director of User Services at the Roper Center, reviewed the resources and services of the Center in an article in the Journal of Conflict Resolution. He noted the value of the collection: thousands of surveys from more than 70 countries made available to users from more than 40 member institutions. Looking toward the future, […]