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2014 National Poll on the Civil Justice System

DRI — The Voice of the Defense Bar and Langer Research Associates have teamed together for their third annual poll on the civil justice system.  Find out Americans’ opinions on class action lawsuits, judicial funding, and forced arbitration.  There are also questions about trust in various business sectors, along with what it takes for a company to be trustworthy.

The data was collected from September 17th – 21st, 2014 of 1,006 national adults via landline and […]

2014 “Non-Employed” Poll

Find out the concerns and experiences faced by out-of-work Americans in this new poll of the non-employed sponsored by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, New York Times, and CBS News.  Expanding beyond the traditional “unemployed,” the “non-employed” includes those people out of work, students, homemakers, retirees, and people with disabilities.  Some of the topics addressed in the survey deal with the impact of non-employment on the respondent’s life (including stress levels and financial impact), […]

2014 Kaiser Family Foundation Poll – ACA and the Supreme Court

After the Affordable Care Act was passed, the Supreme Court dealt with the case of for-profit companies providing birth control to women in their insurance plans.  Find out Americans’ opinions on the Supreme Court ruling, along with other issues surrounding the ACA, in this 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation ACA and the Supreme Court poll. This poll delves deeply into the question of what factors influenced the Supreme Court’s decision,   Further questions include personal reactions […]

Pew Global’s India Winter 2014 Survey

How big of a threat are extremist groups to India and her neighbors?  Do you approve of drone usage by the United States? Are the punishments for convicted rapists tough enough?  Should homosexuality be accepted by society?  Find out what 2,464 Indians have to say in Pew Research Center’s Winter 2014 India  Survey about politics, morality, and international affairs.  Conducted between December 7th, 2013 and January 12th, 2014 in eight different languages, the survey covers […]

2014 Congressional Election Surveys

These fourteen polls of eleven different states asked voters their intentions in the 2014 congressional elections.  This includes questions about strength of candidate preference, opinion of Senate candidates, and in some states, governor candidate preferences.  The surveys also asks respondents how they think Barack Obama is doing his job, making for potentially interesting comparisons between presidential ratings and Senate candidate preferences.

The data was collected from August 22nd – October 30th, 2014 with sample sizes of […]

Pew Research Center’s 2013 Survey of LGBT Adults

The Roper Center is pleased to announce the release of the Pew Research Center Poll: 2013 Survey of LGBT Adults. This dataset, originally published in April 2013, features a sample of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans and contains questions on topics related to their sexual orientation and identity. The survey includes questions regarding respondents’ coming out experiences, observations on societal acceptance of the LGBT community, and discrimination due to sexual preference. This data provides […]

2013 Pew Research Center’s Martin Luther King Jr. Race Survey

Discover America’s opinions on the progress of racial equality in the Pew Research Center’s Martin Luther King Jr. Race Survey dataset.  Conducted by the Pew Center’s Social & Demographic Trends project, the survey asks how much progress the United States has made toward the goals of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and how much further work is needed to achieve his dream.  Other questions include how various racial groups get along in society, how […]

2013 America’s Place in the World Poll

Explore the Pew Research Center and Council of Foreign Relations’ “America’s Place in the World” poll dataset.  This survey deals with foreign and domestic policy issues, perceptions of  which countries are most dangerous, public health problems, and terrorism.  The global role of the United States abroad is examined, including in military, economic, and political capacities.  How comfortable would Americans be with competing superpowers?  Does the U.S. do too much in solving world problems?  Approval of […]

Data Set Released for “Medication Adherence in America: A National Report Card 2013”

The Roper Center is pleased to announce the release of the dataset for the National Community Pharmacists Association’s Medication Adherence in America: A National Report Card 2013. In addition to establishing non-adherence levels, the survey, originally publicly released in June, 2013 and produced for the NCPA by Langer Research Associates, identifies the key predictors of patients’ compliance with their medication instructions, including having a personal connection with pharmacy staff, affordability, continuity in health care, presence of side effects and awareness […]