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Communism, Conformity, and Civil Liberties Poll

How soon will World War III break out?  Can communists be stopped from taking over the world?  Should people with dangerous ideas be allowed to speak freely?  What types of people are the most likely to be communists?  This Gallup Organization and National Opinion Research Center Communism, Conformity & Civil Liberties survey dataset asks extensive questions about these Cold War concerns of a national adult sample, as well as a sample of leaders.  Further topics […]

1969 Gallup/Newsweek Poll of Black Americans

Conducted nearly five years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, this Gallup/Newsweek Poll of black Americans asks a broad range of questions on topics from police brutality to the Vietnam War to Martin Luther King’s assassination.  Racial topics include the problems faced by black Americans, racial equality, interactions with white people, and personal involvement in protests. There are also several black culture questions about hair and clothing styles, whether or not black […]

1989 and 1995 Gun Owner Polls

What do gun owners think about gun control laws and gun related violence? What are their reasons for owning firearms? Under what circumstances have they fired their guns? In these two Yankelovich/Time Magazine/CNN polls, find out what gun owners have to say about these divisive issues. Both polls were conducted before the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, allowing for a unique historical perspective on gun-related topics. Other questions ask about personal gun usage, government involvement […]

2010 Role of Government Survey

In the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard/Washington Post Role of Government poll, Americans share their opinions about the appropriate duties and functions of the government.  How much confidence do they have in Washington?  Do they feel that their rights are being threatened by government policies?  What possible reforms could be made to improve the government?  There are also several questions about specific government areas, including Congress, the Supreme Court, and the presidency.  This survey allows […]

2002 PIPA Defense Spending and Foreign Policy Poll

Conducted almost a year after the 9/11 attacks, this Program on International Policy Attitudes poll on foreign policy features questions about defense spending and international relations.  With the 2002 defense budget at around 331 billion dollars, this survey asks about allocation of funds, how to pay for increased spending, and spending to protect other countries.  Foreign policy questions ask about the United States’ dominant position and cooperation with other countries.

The data was collected online from […]

2004 ABC News/Time Magazine Obesity Poll

Around 35% of American adults are obese, and the 2004 ABC News/Time Obesity poll tackles some of the topics surrounding this widespread public health issue. How much time is spent on sedentary activities vs. physical exercise? What is the hardest thing about losing weight? What are the causes of the obesity epidemic, and what possible policies could be put in place to combat it? Questions about the respondent’s own weight, perceived health levels, and negative […]

10th Anniversary Los Angeles Riots Survey

Explore the data from this Los Angeles Times poll, which deals with the complex issues of race relations and police brutality.  Taken on the tenth anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, this survey features questions about the Rodney King verdict and how the city has changed, for better or for worse, over the past decade.  Further questions include whether or not rioting took place in the respondent’s neighborhood, the effect of riots on local businesses, […]

Two Years After September 11th

Conducted two years after the 9/11 attacks, this CBS News Poll asks New York City residents about the effects and changes they’ve experienced over the past two years. What has been the impact on their daily routines? How well protected is NYC from future terrorism? How should the World Trade Center site be memorialized or built upon? Have Arab Americans experienced increased discrimination?

The data in the September 11 anniversary poll was collected August 31st – […]

PSRA/Newsweek Polls – Gay and Lesbian Issues

These two PSRA/Newsweek polls featuring a range of questions about gay and lesbian issues were conducted at the turn of the century. Topics in the 2000 PSRA dataset include protecting the rights of gays and lesbians, the nature of homosexuality (choice vs. inherent), and discrimination against gays and lesbians.  The 2002 dataset asks about the intersections of homosexuality and religious issues, such as gays and lesbians in the clergy, homosexuality as sinful, and ability of gay […]