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Nationalist Republicans and the Cold War

Public Perspective, October/November 1997

In 1964, Ronald Reagan was on the mashed potato circuit campaigning for Barry Goldwater.  As his text he used a talk he had given for years to employees of General Electric, sponsors of the television series he hosted and a major defense contractor.  In advocating Goldwater’s candidacy, Reagan railed against communism and claimed that Democratic liberals had become the Neville Chamberlains of their day.  Read more

In His Own Words, A Tribute to Burns W. “Bud” Roper

Public Perspective, May/June 2003.

Others have spoken eloquently about Bud Roper and his legacy. In this tribute, however, we offer a look at the man and his ideas through his own words, as they appeared over the years in this magazine.

No Religion

Public Perspective, January/February 2003.

A profile of America’s unchurched


Public Perspective, January/February 2003.

Civic faith in moments of national crisis

Powerful Tools: The Consumer’s Changing Role on Health Care

Public Perspective, May/June 2003.

In the past decade, we have seen the power of the public’s ability to say “no” on health care. Read more

American Colossus

Public Perspective, March/April 2003.

World opinion toward the U.S. is mixed. Read more

Cutting through the Noise

Public Perspective, March April 2003.

The UBS Index of Investor Optimism –  The world is full of financial information. The preponderance tends to create a kind of white noise…Read more

Fit to Be Tied

Public Perspective, November/December 2002.

One of the working assumptions about this year’s midterm elections is that whatever changes take place on Capitol Hill will be incremental in number. Read more