The Roper Center collection contains public opinion data on an extremely wide range of topics. Topics at a Glance offers users prepared iPOLL and dataset searches, issue briefs, featured dataset descriptions, and charts and graphics on some of the most popular subject areas.

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Meeting during cold war

iPOLL questions on the Cold War

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We want coal we want bread

Datasets on the Cold War

More resources on the Cold War from the archive.

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Berlin wall coming down

When the Wall Came Tumbling Down: The American Public and Berlin

When the Berlin Wall fell twenty-five years ago this week, America rejoiced in what was widely seen as a new ...
Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crash

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

The tragic crash in eastern Ukraine of Malaysia Airline Flight 17, a Boeing 777 carrying 298 people, marks the second ...
Public opinion ratings of Russian leaders

Russian Leaders

Given the long history of adversarial relations between the United States and Russia/the Soviet Union, it is not surprising that ...

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NORC: The Early Years

The National Opinion Research Center is a non-profit organization associated with the University of Chicago. NORC has been conducting polls ...
hammer and sickle flag

Communism, Conformity, and Civil Liberties Poll

How soon will World War III break out?  Can communists be stopped from taking over the world?  Should people with ...

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