The Roper Center has several different levels of membership to accommodate researchers at academic institutions, corporations, non-profits and government agencies. Worldwide, there are nearly 300 institutional members whose staff, faculty and students are accessing datasets from hundreds of survey organizations from across the US and the globe.

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US Question Search Database

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Support Rate
Limited Membership     $2,730
Full Membership         see rates below


Academic Affiliates
Doctoral Research Extensive* – $7,070 Commercial – $6,970
Doctoral Research Intensive* – $4,710 Government – $5,685
Master’s Degrees – $2,790 Media – $4,045
Bachelor’s Degrees – $2,110 Nonprofit (large**) – $5,740
Associate’s Degrees – $1,350 Nonprofit (small**) – $3,935
High School – $546 Individual – $3,935

* Institutions considered Doctoral Research Extensive grant more than 50 PhDs each year. Doctoral Research Intensive grant 50 or fewer PhDs in a single year.
** Nonprofits with more than 30 employees are considered large whereas those with 30 or fewer employees are considered small.

Poll & Dataset Downloads Custom Service
Academic Affiliate Support services to non-members or in excess of customary member
services will be billed at $150/hr and may include:
• Custom searches
• Data processing
• Data conversion
• Other services
Exit Poll – single state $485 $645
Exit Poll – single national $1,290 $1,716
Election Bundle – state & national polls for select year $4,820 $6,427
Other Datasets $485 $645

Membership requires a signed agreement and offers unlimited access to all data archived at the Center, including all datasets—US, international, individual state polls, and special sample surveys —as well as the US question databank. All research tools are available to members: iPOLL with iPOLLPlus, RoperExpress, and the RoperExplorer online analysis tool. Additionally, members benefit from custom dataset reformatting, analytical consultation, webinar and other support services, and more.

Subscription to iPOLL. This option is for the user whose data requirements include only US public opinion topline results, with some recent subgroup analysis. This service is offered as a Single User License, although additional user licenses may be purchased.

Non-member Dataset Access. Individuals who rarely require more than one or two datasets over a long period of time may prefer to purchase such access on an “as needed” basis. Single datasets may be acquired or in the case of the National Election Pool’s Exit Polls, bundled packages are available. Non-members who subscribe to iPOLL with a single user license may also purchase access to individual datasets at a per-study fee.

Custom Research Services. For those researchers who need extra support, the “researcher for hire” option is available. Custom research services are available for projects that do not require a fast turnaround. Research staff provide a cost quotation prior to engaging in the project.

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