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FY23 Pricing

FY2023 Subscription Pricing (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023)

Please contact Membership if you have any questions or wish to request a webinar, free trial, or membership agreement.

Full MembershipCost
Academic-Doctoral Research Extensive *$7,725
Academic-Doctoral Research Intensive *$5,200
Academic-Master's Degree$3,065
Academic-Bachelor's Degree$2,315
Academic-Associate's Degree$1,475
Commercial, Non-Profit, Government and IndividualsContact Us
Standard MembershipCost
Academic-Doctoral Research Extensive *$6,125
Academic-Doctoral Research Intensive *$4,120
Academic-Master's Degree$2,430
Academic-Bachelor's Degree$1,800
Academic-Associate's Degree$1,165
Academic-High School$400
Public LibrarySee America's Voice Project
Commercial, Non-Profit, Government and IndividualsContact Us

* Institutions considered Doctoral Research Extensive grant more than 50 PhDs each year. Doctoral Research Intensive grant 50 or fewer PhDs in a single year.




Poll and Dataset DownloadsAcademicNon-Academic
Exit Polls - single state$540$725
Exit Polls - single national$1,455$1,930
Election Bundle - state and national polls for a select year$5,410$7,230
Other datasets$540$725