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Guns and crime

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Guns and crime in America

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More resources on the domestic issues surrounding guns from the archive.

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Virginia Tech shooting vigil

Shootings, Guns and Public Opinion

Last week the country was shocked by the on-air shooting of a reporter and cameraman – shocked, but perhaps not ...

Undergraduate Poster: Gun Control

UConn sophomore Brian Tiedt presented his poster on attitudes about gun control at the Spring 2014 Frontiers in Undergraduate Research ...

Reasons for Skepticism

Public Perspective, September/October 1993. Reasons for Skepticism on Results from a New Poll on the Incidence of Gun Violence among ...

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Closeup of shotgun

1989 and 1995 Gun Owner Polls

What do gun owners think about gun control laws and gun related violence? What are their reasons for owning firearms? ...

2001 NORC Guns Survey

This 2001 NORC Guns Survey, sponsored by Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy Research and the Joyce Foundation, features questions ...

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