The iPOLL database is the source for US public opinion questions and answers.  Use our guide (or the pocket version) for help with search tools, or sign up for one of our webinars.

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What is iPOLL?

Introduction to iPOLL search

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Introduction to Roper Center Services

This 30-40 minute webinar offers a tour through the various services available through the Roper Center, including the free services and member-only services. Coverage includes detailed search strategies for using iPOLL and the Catalog of Dataset holdings and reviews the interactive functionality of the databases. It reviews the various options to obtain cross-tabulations using iPOLL, RoperExpress, and RoperExplorer—an online data analysis tool that requires no programming! This webinar is open to members as well as non-members.

Viewing results in iPOLL

What is iPOLL Plus?

Custom Webinar

Need help using RoperExplorer? Searching to international data? Want to learn how to do more complex searches? Have questions about specific data collections? We can tailor a webinar to suit your needs. Just ask.
To schedule an introduction to Roper Services or any other webinar, please contact Kathleen Weldon.

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iPOLLPlus iconThis icon means demographic cross-tabs are available within the iPOLL question view.

Add to iPOLL Folder

Save questions to your iPOLL folder By clicking this icon, the question will be saved to your iPOLL folder, available only for the duration of your session.

More from this survey

Icon for More questions from this surveyBy clicking this icon in iPOLL, you will be taken to more questions from the same survey that are in iPOLL.


This icon means that this question and other questions in this survey can be analyzed with RoperExplorer.


This icon means that the dataset for this question is available for immediate download with RoperExpress.

Dataset is available

This icon means that the dataset for this question is available, but requires contacting us to access it.

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