In terms of pricing Roper Center membership, Doctoral Extensive refers to institutions which grant more than 50 PhDs per year in the social sciences, or other fields that use public opinion data. Doctoral Intensive institutions would be those which grant 50 or fewer PhDs per year.

No. Anyone who is interested in public opinion polls can use our services. A cost estimate will be provided for any request that involves use of staff time. Pricing information is available online for datasets and Roper Center publications at Fees.

You can call Customer Services at (607)255-8129, or visit the List of Members page within this site. If your organization is not listed there, it does not have a membership at this time.  Consider recommending a trial membership to your library by visiting, Recommend to Library.

We encourage departments to pool their resources for membership. Frequently, the library of a college or university will hold the membership and serve the entire institution.

RoperExpress is a data access tool for on-demand download of data. Faculty and students at Member institutions have Unlimited Access to those datasets in the Roper Center collection that are in ASCII or SPSS portable formats. Simply conduct a search for datasets and the studies accessible for immediate download in RoperExpress are marked with an icon: express_logo_sm .  If a study is not marked as RoperExpress, you can request that it be made available using the email link provided.

Member university faculty and students may access Roper Center resources while off campus by logging into the proxy server or Virtual Private Network (VPN) typically available through your university library.  If you have created a personalized account you can access all services directly from anywhere.

See if your university is currently a member of the Roper Center by visiting List of Members. If you are still unsure of your university’s status, email

The EZproxy configuration required for successfully accessing Roper Center services can be found at  If you have questions not covered by this information, please contact the Center at (607)255-8129 or by email at