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New Roper iPoll Migration FAQ

  • New Roper iPoll FAQ

    • Single search: Get results from the Roper Center dataset collection and question database at once with single search. Discover the riches of Roper’s global dataset collection.
    • Enhanced search function: The keyword field now searches not only the text of the questions in the database, but the response categories as well. “Fuzzy” search capabilities eliminate the need to use wildcards to capture normal English variants of words. Know exactly what you are looking for? Just put the word or phrase in quotes to get exact results.
    • Organizations: Users can search survey sponsors and field organizations from a complete list of the over 1200 organizations represented in the database. The option to use Boolean operators on organizations and topics helps you create targeted search criteria.
    • Improved Results: With more filtering options on the search results page, you can zero in on the results you need without multiple searches.
    • Persistent folders: Register and log into a personal account to save both questions and studies to your folder. Next time you log in from anywhere, your finds will still be there.
    • Citation exports: Copy citations in all standard formats or export to your preferred bibliographic management software.
    • Shareable charts: Roper Center question charts are better than ever and can now be saved as an image with a click. Share your favorite polling questions on social media!
    • More study information: The study information tab provides more information than ever before on the surveys in the collection, and archival packages for newly submitted studies include extensive methodological information.
  • New Roper iPoll™ has been rebuilt from the ground up as a wholly new system.  New iPoll is a separate database from the classic version and therefore your old log in credentials will not work automatically.  You simply need to register in new iPoll first. 

  • Yes, please update your bookmarks using the new URL,

  • Find your affiliation from our drop-down menu of current members and click “register” to enter your affiliated email address. Once registered, return to your email inbox to receive our confirmation email. Users need to read through and confirm acceptance of our terms & conditions of use prior to their registration being active. If you don’t receive this email within a few minutes, be sure to also check your spam or junk mail folders. For additional assistance, you can reach out to

  • No. If you choose to access Roper iPoll via your institutional EZProxy link, Shibboleth authentication or by IP address verification, you can remain anonymous to the Roper Center and still search and download items from the archives, as your membership level allows.

    Those that do register for a personal Roper iPoll account will receive the extended ability to see their entire search history, save items to a personal folder, and log in from anywhere, at any time.


  • Because the email is automatic, there is a chance that it was filtered to your junk or spam mail folders.  Check for it here and please add to your list of approved senders.  If the email cannot be located, please email us at

  • Watch an introductory tutorial video for using Roper iPoll via the top right menu. You can also Schedule a live webinar to familiarize yourself and other users with the new Roper iPoll experience.

  • Classic iPOLL will be decommissioned in the coming year and is no longer being updated with new data. Roper iPoll provides users with all of the popular features from the legacy program but adds filter options and returns more extensive search results. Roper iPoll is also fully WCAG 2.0 compliant. Please contact us at if you encounter any accessibility barriers.

  • Yes, you can access Classic iPoll via the top-right user menu after you log in to the new system. Classic iPoll will be available until September 1, 2020. Be aware, however, Classic iPoll will no longer be updated with all of our latest data.


  • Yes, your organization should immediately add, update or replace the stanza that is being used by OCLC.   The new EZ Proxy stanza is: 


    Option CookiePassThrough 

    Title Roper iPoll (updated 20200309) 

    HTTPHeader -request -process X-XSRF-TOKEN 





    Find "http:\/\/\/ 

    Replace "http:\/\/^^\/ 

    Find "https:\/\/\/ 

    Replace "https:\/\/^^\/ 

    Option Cookie


    A permanent link provided by OCLC will always provide the latest stanza. Find it here. 

  • The “feedback” button at the bottom-right corner of each page will allow you to create a ticket and send it directly to our support team. Please provide as much detail as possible. If you find a problem or run into an error that requires immediate attention, please email us at

  • Contact our Marketing Coordinator, Henry Smith, directly at

  • Downloadable flyers, images, posters, brochures and more are available here.

  • Roper iPoll has been designed to allow users to remain anonymous, wherever possible. If you’re on campus or connected via your campus VPN, simply visit Alternatively, you can use the link provided for Roper iPoll in your library catalog. Please see our member list for more information about the access provided by your institution:

    In some instances, direct registration is available by using an email address affiliated with a current member institution. (You do not need to register separately if your institution offers single-sign-on via your institutional login).

    However, registration with Roper provides users the enhanced abilities of seeing their entire search history, saving items to a personal folder, and signing on to search Roper iPoll from anywhere, anytime.

  • Click here for metadata and instructions.