Investigate survey results a bit further than what iPOLL provides, but without downloading the full dataset. RoperExplorer is an online data analysis tool created exclusively for Roper Center members.  Select a question for the row and another for the column, then the table runs instantly.

Fast Data Analysis

  • Instantly find out how various groups in the population answered a question
  • See how respondents answered one question by how they answered another

Programming Skills are NOT Required

  • SPSS, SAS, Stata, etc. are not required to use this cross-tab tool
  • No effort learning how to program; more time on analyzing what the data mean
  • Choose dependent and independent variables to quickly produce frequencies and cross tabulations.


  • Thousands of Questions from more than 3,800 US studies from the last decade.
  • Polls available in this form are from all major US polling organizations

Access datasets available for use with RoperExplorer from within iPOLL or from a search of study abstracts located in the dataset databank using RoperExpress.

You can search
the entire catalog
of dataset abstracts
without a membership.

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For help analyzing data with RoperExplorer check out the RoperExplorer Support page.

Learn more about the collections archived at the Roper Center by visiting Dataset Collections page or by browsing our Data Providers pages.

Explore the topical coverage of the national US data available in iPOLL with Topics at a Glance.

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Try RoperExplorer Now

RoperExplorer is an invaluable tool that is so easy to use we are giving you the chance to experience it for yourself.  The RoperExplorer free trial is available to everyone so give it a try.