RoperExplorer is an online data analysis tool created exclusively for Roper Center members to create crosstabs of survey questions without downloading the full dataset or utilizing specialized statistical analysis software.  Select a question for the row and another for the column, then the table runs instantly. No programming required.  Our tutorial provides an excellent introduction to our service.   You can also sign up for one of our webinars, or print out the handy pocket guide.

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How to Use RoperExplorer Tutorial

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Introduction to Roper Center Services

This 30-40 minute webinar offers a tour through the various services available through the Roper Center, including the free services and member only services. Coverage includes detailed search strategies for using iPOLL and the Catalog of Dataset holdings and reviews the interactive functionality of the databases. It reviews the various options to obtain crosstabulations using iPOLL, RoperExpress, and RoperExplorer—an online data analysis tool that requires no programming!
This webinar is open to members as well as non-members.  Register Now

RoperExplorer Data Analysis Tool

This 30 minute webinar will cover using RoperExplorer and no statistical packages or programming. Participants will generate basic tables to explain how people responding to one question answered another. For example, do Americans who attend religious services weekly differ on their opinions of gay marriage than those who do not go to church or synagogue? This webinar will touch on using iPOLL and focus on testing relationships between variables.  Register Now

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