To learn more about the relationships among and between questions or variables, researchers require access to digital data files or datasets. A dataset contains every respondent’s answers to each question and variable on the survey in a format that permits statistical testing of causal relationships, and bivariate and mutlivariate crosstabulations.  Roper Center dataset files are available in ASCII and SPSS. RoperExpress service provides access to the Center’s digital data files on demand, including complete documentation with questionnaires, codes, methodological reports, and more.

  • On-demand, direct download of datasets in modern formats
  • No limit to the number of studies that may be accessed
  • Datasets available from the earliest polls of 1935 to present
  • Surveys conducted in the US and around the globe

Access datasets from within iPOLL or from a search of study abstracts located in the dataset databank.  Several datasets are also available for use with RoperExplorer, an online data analysis tool that requires no programming!

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