Coming this fall:

Jon A. Krosnick

Political Science & Communication, Stanford University

Friday, October 12, 2018 at 12:00pm

Past events:

The Roper Center’s Public Opinion Speaker Series promotes scholarship, dialogue and community engagement in the field of public opinion research. Although the series is geared toward faculty and students in political, economic and social disciplines, the topics of these seminars also hold a broader appeal for anyone interested in research innovation and the constantly evolving world of public opinion.

Previous speakers include the University of Michigan’s Arthur Lupia, the University of Pennsylvania’s Daniel Gillion, Microsoft Research’s David Rothschild, the University of Texas’ Talia Stroud, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Diana Mutz.



“The Speaker Series lineup brings in top experts from across the disciplines, but in an intimate setting. These are talks that I make sure to go to.”

—Dr. Drew Margolin, Assistant Professor in Cornell’s Department of Communications


“I just recently attended Professor Stroud’s Speaker Series talk, in which she spoke about engaging partisanship and presented two fascinating new studies about online media coverage. Her talk was very helpful for my own research about the relationship between politics and media, but also because it touched upon problems that are highly relevant to the fields of government and communications. I am very glad that the Roper Center always brings in such interesting guests from the social sciences who do cutting-edge research.”

—Dr. Mona Krewel, DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor in Cornell’s Department of Government