Understanding a poll or a survey can be a challenging task. However, there are some clear steps you can take in order to simplify the process. Below you will find a guide on where to begin.
statistical analysis

Dataset Files

The most common method to obtain cross-tabular results of surveys is to download a copy of the dataset from the Roper Center and run computer analysis on the study using a statistical program like SPSS , SAS, or STATA. These popular social science statistical software packages are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. They can also simplify what could be a very complicated process. Many of our datasets are available in SPSS/PASW portable file format. However, some surveys are only currently available as ASCII files. Should you find you need assistance in bringing an ASCII Data File into SPSS, directions are available.


This technology permits cross-tabular analyses of datasets online using simple point-and-click techniques. There is no need to have statistical software on your computer. Visit RoperExplorer to learn more.  Visit the RoperExplorer free trial.

iPOLL Plus

iPOLL Plus provides demographic crosstabs alongside the iPOLL question without having to run additional analysis. Seventy percent of the questions from archived surveys conducted over the last decade now include demographic crosstabs.

Reports and Releases

Whenever possible, the Roper Center archives a copy of supporting materials from the original polling organization, including reports and releases, with relevant datasets. These materials can be downloaded from the same page where datasets can be accessed. Online reports and releases available on the websites of sponsoring organizations are also linked to from the survey title listed on related questions in iPOLL.

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