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Presidential Transition in the Polls

The weeks between election and inauguration usually represent a honeymoon period in which the president-elect’s decisions are given good reviews by the American people. But this year is different. The first polls on Trump’s transition have appeared, and so far, public opinion is decidedly negative. […]

Candidates and Tax Returns

Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns, a decision that Hillary Clinton has denounced with ads that imply these documents hide secrets that would be devastating to her opponent’s campaign. Will this message resonate with voters? The polling seems to indicate that while the public does want to see returns, they may not consider the issue an important one. […]

Two Thumbs Down: 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Favorability

Are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the least-liked presidential candidates in recent history? There’s evidence they may be. Trump’s unfavorability ratings have been declining over the last few weeks, but the most recent Gallup poll still placed his unfavorables at 60%, with Clinton’s a lower but still dismal 54%. Other polls have found higher negatives still. Just how bad are these numbers? […]