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Public Opinion and the Passage of the Medicare Bill

The early days of public opinion research captured Americans’ response to the first major efforts by the U.S. government to provide health care to its citizens, an undertaking that saw success in the passage of Medicare in 1965. […]

2nd Quarter 2015 Gallup Data Available

Eight Gallup Organization studies conducted from April-June, 2015 are now available for download. These studies cover a wide range of topics including the 2016 Presidential Election, Religion, Federal Government Performance, Driving Under the Influence, and the Affordable Care Act. View the 8 new Gallup Polls.

Kaiser Health Tracking Series Updated

The Kaiser Health Tracking Series is conducted monthly to gain the public’s views on the US health care system.  The series began in 1996 and consists of over 100 studies.  In recent years, the series has focused its coverage on Health Care Reform including the 2010 Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Coverage, and Access to Health Care.

Explore the Kaiser Health Tracking Series using RoperExpress.

Employers Perspectives on the Health Insurance Market

New health care legislation affects small business owners in unique ways.  They deal first-hand with the potential fiscal and staffing issues brought about the 2010 Affordable Care Act.  Employers have to balance staff concerns, costs, and health priorities.  This Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research study, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, asks private-sector employers about these issues.  Questions focus on health insurance plans, insurance marketplaces, account types, wellness programs, and insurance carriers.

The […]

Public Attitudes about Mental Health

Mental health care in the U.S. underwent significant changes over the past decade. New regulations mandated increases in mental health coverage, while state budget cuts for mental health services have resulted in the largest total cuts to such spending since the 1970s. But what does the public think? […]

Health costs in retirement

2014 Kaiser Family Foundation Poll – ACA and the Supreme Court

After the Affordable Care Act was passed, the Supreme Court dealt with the case of for-profit companies providing birth control to women in their insurance plans.  Find out Americans’ opinions on the Supreme Court ruling, along with other issues surrounding the ACA, in this 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation ACA and the Supreme Court poll. This poll delves deeply into the question of what factors influenced the Supreme Court’s decision,   Further questions include personal reactions […]

A Brief History of Public Opinion on the Government Role in Health Care

In 1938, 78% of Americans advocated the federal take on responsibility for providing medical care for those unable to pay for it; 75 years later the number fell to 60%. […]

Powerful Tools: The Consumer’s Changing Role on Health Care

Public Perspective, May/June 2003.

In the past decade, we have seen the power of the public’s ability to say “no” on health care. Read more

The Public Decides on Health Care Reform

Public Perspective, September/October 1994.

For the last several years, and intensely over the Clinton administration’s first 20 months, the U.S. has had a great debate on a truly big issue – the future form of the country’s health care system. Read more