In the history and profession of public opinion research, Andrew Kohut stands out as one of its twentieth and twenty-first century leaders and institution builders.  His legacy is what he contributed on all fronts at the Gallup Organization, Times Mirror polling, Princeton Survey Research Associates, and the building of the Pew Research Center, all of which have advanced the tracking and analysis of public opinion in the United States and abroad, and contributed to the holdings at the Roper Center.  We are proud to have honored him just last November with the Warren Mitofsky Award and a Book of Tributes from his peers, competitors, mentees, and those who benefitted from his wise analysis of public opinion research.

Since his death on Tuesday, we have all read the accolades regarding how much Andy contributed to our understanding of the public. However, the Roper Center, as the archive of public opinion data, has benefited in a special way. More than 1,200 studies were archived from the dates that Andy was at the helm of these outstanding organizations. Half of these surveys were from Andy’s most recent brainchild, the Pew Research Center, which has grown exponentially with an ever increasing multitude of insightful polls, making our resources ever more prized.  The importance of these contributions cannot be overestimated.

The Roper Center Board and staff, journalists, researchers, and the public will continue to benefit from what Andy conceived and nurtured, as his legacy and influence live on.

The Center has established an endowment to fund the Andrew Kohut Student Fellowship program to provide assistance to students pursuing a career in opinion research.  Andy’s family has graciously suggested that in lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to this fund.

Roper Center Data Collections

In Appreciation of the More than 1,200 Surveys Touched by the Wise Leadership of Andrew Kohut

A student of George Gallup and Paul Perry, Andrew Kohut was president of the Gallup Organization from 1979-1989

Andrew Kohut and Diane Colasanto jointly formed and owned the Princeton Survey Research Associates from 1989-2003, conducting polls for Newsweek and for Times Mirror (1990-1994), where he also served as the founding director.

Kohut was the founding director of the Pew Research Center, where he served in that capacity from 2004-2012.

Tributes to Andy
Mitofsky Award Dinner 2014

Cover of the Tribute to Andrew Kohut booklet

Excerpts from Tributes to Andy

Thank you for doing it right.
Mike Mokrzycki
Andy embodies and continues the best tradition of Dr. George Gallup, under whom he trained and with whom he worked until Dr. Gallup’s death in 1984. Gallup pays tribute to Andy — one of the public opinion research industry’s truly outstanding practitioners.
Gallup Organization
Survey research is both his craft and his calling–he’s driven by the belief that public opinion
Don Kimelman
I learned more in the time I spent under his wing than I possibly could have learned in any other way. I draw on his lessons every day, now 20 years later.
Maxine Isaacs
His life-long efforts have helped to elevate and maintain a high standard for public opinion research.
Merv Field
Reporters and editors everywhere owe a special debt of gratitude to Andy Kohut for decades of accurate polling and authoritative, credible research reports on the questions of our time.
Mike Gettler
Many thanks for being a mentor and an example of the best survey research has to offer.[…] You well deserve a healthy and happy place in the history of the industry as well as in the memories of those whose lives you touch.
Cricket Cohen