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More resources on the US role in the world from the archive.

Interpretive analysis

American colossus

American Colossus

Public Perspective, March/April 2003. World opinion toward the U.S. is mixed. Read more ...
America's place in a changing world

America’s Place in a Changing World

Public Perspective, August/September 1997. Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has sought to redefine its prominent ...
Isolationism: how would we know it if we saw it

Isolationism: How Would We Know It If We Saw It?

Public Perspective, August/September 1997. Despite the general consensus about the isolationism of the U.S. in the 1930s - or perhaps ...
America in the world

America in the World

Public Perspective, March/April 1992. Do you think it would be best for the future of this country if we take ...

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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

New Dataset: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs 2015 Annual American Survey

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs 2015 Annual American Survey was conducted by The GfK Group (GfK, formerly Knowledge Networks) using ...
US in world

2013 America’s Place in the World Poll

Explore the Pew Research Center and Council of Foreign Relations' "America's Place in the World" poll dataset.  This survey deals ...

Charts & graphics