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This section provides educators with sample teaching assignments to help in the classroom, utilizing several resources provided by the Roper Center.

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Icon Key


iPOLLPlus icon

This icon means demographic cross-tabs are available within the iPOLL question view.

Add to iPOLL Folder

By clicking this icon, the question will be saved to your iPOLL folder, available only for the duration of your session.

More from this survey

Icon for More questions from this survey

By clicking this icon in iPOLL, you will be taken to more questions from the same survey that are in iPOLL.


This icon means that this dataset (or this question and other questions in this survey if you see it in iPOLL) can be analyzed with RoperExplorer.


This icon means that the dataset (or the dataset for the question if you see it in iPOLL) is available for immediate download with RoperExpress.

Dataset is available

This icon means that the dataset (or the dataset for this question, when you see it in iPOLL) is available, but requires contacting us to access it.