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AtlasIntel provides advanced data products for political intelligence and economic forecasting. From high-frequency polling to consumer confidence indicators and social media analytics, we offer our clients robust solutions for understanding key developments ahead of consensus.

Based on a proprietary methodology for random selection and sample post-stratification and validation, AtlasIntel is a leading innovator in online polling. Our team of experienced data scientists strives to ensure the representativeness of released estimates through advanced sample calibration strategies as well as carefully designed security and verification protocols. AtlasIntel routinely conducts private and public polling in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

The robustness of AtlasIntel’s methodology is demonstrated by stellar performance in recent election cycles: AtlasIntel had the smallest average error across pollsters of the 2020 Presidential race among pollsters conducting at least five polls in the last 10 days of the cycle; smallest RMSE among pollsters of the 2020 Democratic Party primaries; best performance across all pollsters of the 2019 Presidential Elections in Argentina (only poll to correctly ascertain the percentages of all candidates within the margin of error).

AtlasIntel has become a trusted source of media outlets across the world. AtlasIntel results have been published and analyzed by a wide range of partners, including Bloomberg, Washington Post, FiveThirtyEight, New York Times, Newsweek, El País, Reuters, Clarín, and La Nación.

Public AtlasIntel indicators are available on the Bloomberg Terminal and via select data distribution partners. High frequency tracking indicators are available on a subscription basis.

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