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Become A Data Provider

Archiving your public opinion data at the Roper Center ensures that your data will be professionally curated, increases the impact and visibility of your work, and guarantees that your data will be easily accessible to users now and in the future. Become a data provider todayCore Trust Seal

Data Deposit Materials


Data deposits should contain the following:

  • Survey data file(s) in SPSS, Stata, SAS, .CSV and/or ASCII formats *
  • Methodological description or report **
  • Questionnaire(s)
  • Codebook(s)
  • Interviewer instructions
  • Weighting information
  • Completed Data Deposit Form, granting the Roper Center permission to archive and redistribute survey data

Data deposits could also contain survey reports, press releases, or other publications whose findings are based on the deposited data. If available, a list of resulting academic citations would complete the documentation submission.

To deposit your data, email all data deposit materials, including a completed Data Deposit Form,
to Data Services. For large file transfers, please contact us with a request for SFTP access.

View a sample agreement for ongoing data providers.

*If your data are in a format outside our preferred list, please contact us to discuss options for archiving.
**The Roper Center is committed to promoting transparency in methodological disclosure and supports the American Association of Public Opinion Research’s Transparency Initiative.