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Grants and Data Management Planning

Applying for a grant? Including Roper in your grant application can enrich your proposal.

Roper Membership in Grants

If you are not affiliated with a member institution and your research requires access to Roper’s rich collection of over 23,000 datasets or the iPoll database approaching 800,000 U.S. polling questions, you can incorporate membership funds directly into your grant application. Contact Data Services to obtain detailed information about the data you are interested in.

Data Management Plans

Many funders require, or prefer, that applicants provide a data management plan that includes an approach for dissemination and preservation.​. Archiving data at the Roper Center facilitates data sharing and gives the results of your research high visibility and discoverability, now and into the future. Before incorporating Roper Center into your data management plan, contact us to ensure your work will meet our acquisition policy requirements. Roper can provide a letter of commitment to be included in your data management plan, as well as information about the preservation and dissemination your research data will receive from Roper.

Partnering with Roper

Roper Center can further your research in many ways. Interested in using large numbers of Roper studies that require conversion from historical formats? Want to explore the Center’s rich collection of paper materials, including eight decades of polling press releases and reports? Need Roper staff expertise in data curation or IT development for data presentation? Curious if any part of our physical collection relates to your research topic? Contact us to discuss your research and grant planning and how Roper serve as a partner in your work.

For information about how using Roper data can fit with your publication plans, please see Publishing with Roper Center Data.