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Cornell Research and Grant Opportunities

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research holds hundreds of rare historical public opinion datasets from around the world that can provide exclusive insights and historical context that would otherwise be lost to time. Of note are domestic collections that include Ronald Reagan’s private polls, the General Electric Series of 75 polls (1965-1982), and the landmark Bureau of Applied Social Research (BASR) studies conducted under the leadership of Paul Lazarsfeld from the 1940s-1960s, as well as data from Africa, India, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, and many other countries.


Roper Center Data Conversion Grant

Revitalizing these studies by converting the data from obsolete file formats (e.g., column binary or ASCII) to usable formats can be resource-intensive. This conversion work is a specialty service offered by the Roper Center. In partnership with the Cornell Center for Social Sciences, the Roper Center is offering financial support in the form of the Roper Center Data Conversion Grant program.

Cornell faculty and graduate students can apply for up to $10,000 in grant funding to convert these data to usable formats. If interested in this opportunity, the PI should identify in their application the dataset(s) they would like to convert and briefly explain why their research project will benefit from access to the dataset(s).

Please scroll down to find the application for a Roper Data Conversion Grant.

We accept grant applications on a rolling basis, a timetable tied to your research needs.  For more information about applying for a Roper Center Data Conversion Grant, please contact the Roper Center here. For questions about Roper Center archival data and conversion estimates, contact the Roper Center via email at