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Classroom Materials for Educators

Today’s students are preparing to enter a world in which data literacy – the ability to find, analyze, interpret, and describe data – is absolutely essential for academic and career success. The Roper Center’s archive of public opinion data offers educators the opportunity to integrate data into curriculum in multiple ways by offering understandable, relevant quantitative data on a broad range of topics in history, health, culture, government, and media studies. To support educators at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school level in their work, the Roper Center offers the following materials to facilitate the use of polling data in the classroom. For an overview of polling concepts, methods and analysis, please see Polling Fundamentals and Analyzing Polls.

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Community Activity

2006 Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey

The 2006 Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey is comprised of a national adult sample of 2,741 respondents and twenty-two communities sample (11 of which were from the 2000 Social Capital Benchmark Survey) totaling 9,359 community respondents.  The overall sample size is 12,100.Field PeriodThe survey was conducted during two waves.

Faith Matters Survey 2006

The Faith Matters Survey was conducted on behalf of Harvard University by International Communications Research in the summer of 2006.   The survey was generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation.