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US National Election Day Exit Polls

National exit polls consist of presidential and/or congressional vote questions in addition to questions on gubernatorial races, important issues affecting the vote decision, presidential approval and a number of current national issues. With the exception of the 1972 CBS News Exit Poll, all include basic demographic variables such as gender, race, education, income, and age, among others. Sample sizes for these studies usually range from 8,000 to 20,000 voters, with the largest samples coming from the 1986 and 1988 ABC News Exit Polls which consist of over 50,000 interviews.

Access to the NEP Exit Polls no longer requires an application.

Questions about Exit Polls? Check out our Exit Poll section of the FAQ page, our overview of Exit Polls in a short rack card, or email Data Data Services for additional information.


YearSurvey Organization
2020National Election Pool

AP VoteCast

National Election Pool

2016National Election Pool
2014National Election Pool
2012National Election Pool
2010National Election Pool
2008National Election Pool
2006National Election Pool
2004National Election Pool
2002Voter News Service
2000Los Angeles Times

Voter News Service
1998Voter News Service
1996Los Angeles Times

Voter News Service
1994Voter News Service

Los Angeles Times

Voter Research and Surveys

1990Voter Research and Surveys
1988ABC News

CBS News/New York Times

Los Angeles Times
1986ABC News

CBS News/New York Times
1984ABC News

CBS News/New York Times

Los Angeles Times

NBC News
1982ABC News

CBS News/New York Times

NBC News/Associated Press
1980ABC News

CBS News/New York Times
1978CBS News
1976CBS News
1972CBS News