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2013 PRRI Millennials, Religion and Abortion Survey blog

June 23, 2013

The Public Religion Research Institute "Millennials, Religion and Abortion Survey" asks Americans about various hot-button social issues, with a focus on abortion. This poll goes beyond just the question of abortion legality, dealing with broader topics about parental consent for minors, sex education, the morality of abortion, adoption, and difficulty of getting an abortion in local community. Personal religious beliefs and the clergy's position on abortion are also addressed, providing a comprehensive view of the varied beliefs Americans hold about this controversial and important topic. The data was collected from April 22nd - May 8th, 2011 of 3,000 national adults via both landline and cell phones. Explore the results and questions of the Millennials, Religion and Abortion survey in iPOLL, or analyze the Millennials, Religion and Abortion data via RoperExplorer.