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Campaign Weathervane Released

March 25, 2024

We’ve launched a free educator’s resource in Campaign Weathervane:

 Every election is important, and this year's U.S. presidential election will not be an exception. This is why we are pleased to share the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research's student-developed, educator resource that helps players understand the relevance and importance of polling in global democracy.

"...go back in time to win the presidency and change the world for the better! Navigate the winds of public opinion through American history, you’ll answer each question according to how you think the American public would have felt at the time. Your goal is to gain favorability and, ultimately, a seat in the Oval Office!"

Campaign Weathervane is part of a larger initiative, years in the making, known as the America's Voice Project. A suite of elements that will help Roper Center disseminate our important data to more people around the world through our member-supported Roper iPoll platform.