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Computer Science Co-op Program

On a periodic basis, The Roper Center offers co-op and internship positions for computer science and qualified majors at Cornell. The core of the services that the Roper Center offer centers around a modern SaaS application delivered via the web and developed in current programming languages. The Roper Center can provide Cornell students a range of experience from application design all the way through delivery of a finished software application to the client. This provides the students with a learning opportunity with the same type of environment, challenges, and expectations they'll find in the workforce after graduation. We're excited at the successes of the program to help expand our technical capabilities.

Past Projects:

  • A co-op effort created a data management tool for creating collections of files and data and enabling retrieval as a package. 
  • A co-op effort enhanced the application program interface to enable users to build custom charts that present over-time question trends.