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Digital Divide Data

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research has partnered with Digital Divide Data to enable Roper Center to process more opinion data faster, and DDD to teach digital skills doing it. DDD has a Social Mission: Transform lives around the world through sustainable training and employment programs which provide a path to lifelong employment and opportunity.


DDD believes talent has no boundaries--and opportunities shouldn’t either. In 2001, they saw the need to bring tech skills and living-wage work to men and women in underserved communities in Asia. It was here that DDD helped plant the seed for a socially responsible outsourcing practice known as impact sourcing

From this early work, DDD built a proven work-study methodology to train, support, and employ talented individuals around the world, and thereby provide high-quality, competitively priced ITO/BPO services to customers.

In 2011, DDD opened operations in Nairobi, Kenya where they would launch the AWS Cloud Center of Excellence to teach and certify in next-generation IT skills. And in 2014, recognizing the vast problem of veteran unemployment, they launched our U.S. operation Liberty Source to train and hire veterans and military spouses.

Today, DDD continues to thrive and work towards a world where everyone—regardless of location or background—has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Since 2001, DDD’s program has increased lifetime earnings for youth in Cambodia, Laos, and Kenya by a projected total of more than US$350 million.