2014 Election Day & 2016 State Primary Exit Polls now available from National Election Poll!Explore the newly acquired 2014 National Election Pool Election Day Exit Polls & 2016 National Election Poll State Primary Exit Polls, available at the Roper Center.

The 2014 election day collection features the 2014 national dataset as well as 27 state-level datasets. The 2016 state primary collection includes data from 55 primaries.

We would like to thank ABC News, the Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News, as well as Edison Research, for contributing this important collection to the Roper Center so that our scholarly research community may access these data now and into the future.

The exit polls give key insights into the decisions made by voters in the presidential, senatorial, and gubernatorial elections. When did voters make their final decisions on whom to vote for? What qualities about the candidates were most important in deciding their vote? Which presidential candidate could better handle Supreme Court nominations?

The polls also give glimpses into the current state of social and economic issues in the United States. What is the most important issue facing the country? Does the US economic system favor the wealthy or is it fair to most Americans? Should most illegal immigrants working in the United States be offered a chance to apply for legal status or deported to the country they came from?  Does trade with other countries create or take away U.S. jobs? Several questions are state-specific, either about ballot initiatives or regionally relevant issues.

Explore the 2014 national topline results in iPOLL or request access to the 2014 or 2016 datasets.

Have questions about exit polls? Please visit our Exit Polls FAQ page, or email data-services@ropercenter.org for additional information.