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2014 "Non-Employed" Poll

Find out the concerns and experiences faced by out-of-work Americans in this new poll of the non-employed sponsored by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, New York Times, and CBS News.  Expanding beyond the traditional “unemployed,” the “non-employed” includes those people out of work, students, homemakers, retirees, and people with disabilities.  Some of the topics addressed in the survey deal with the impact of non-employment on the respondent’s life (including stress levels and financial impact), discrimination faced in the hiring process, current sources of income, and feelings about their personal employment situation.  Other questions deal with the respondent’s last job and their feelings of optimism, or pessimism, for future generations.

The data was collected from November 11th – 25th, 2014 of 1,002 adults aged 25 – 54 currently not employed via both landline and cellphones.  Explore the results from the non-employed poll dataset here.

Date Published: February 26, 2015