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African USIA Report Collection

Country Region Date Roper_id Name
Cameroon Africa 1969-10-27 R315 Readers' Evaluation of USIS Cameroon's Weekly Bulletin
Cameroon, Cote d'Ivore, Senegal Africa 1968-10-09 R302 The Impact of the New Horizons Book Program in West Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa 1961-12-01 R480 A Note on Attitudes toward the US of a Group of Belgian Elites in the Context of the Congo Situation
Ethiopia Africa 1969-05-01 R203 Media Survey: Ethiopia 
Five French-speaking African countries Africa 1971-10-08 R324 VOA's French to Africa Transistor Radio Contest,1971
Ghana Africa 1962-04-01 R569 Reactions of Visitors to the US Small Industries Exhibition at Accra
Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivore, Senegal Africa 1961-07-01 R556 Basic Attitudes and General Communication Habits in Four West African Capitals
Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivore, Senegal Africa 1961-07-01 R595 Radio Listening in Four West African Cities
Ghana,Uganda Africa 1971-02-01 R26 Book Readership Survey: Kampala/Accra
Kenya Africa 1963-05-01 R532 Media Use among Africans in Nairobi, Kenya
Kenya Africa 1963-05-02 R699 Africans in Nairobi and Their Hopes and Fears for Themselves and Their Country
Kenya Africa 1974-09-03 R340 VOA-CAAP Audience Estimate for Kenya
Liberia Africa 1978-09-08 R384 International Broadcast Audiences, Particularly VOA and BBC Audiences, in Monrovia, Liberia (1977)
Morocco Africa 1975-12-15 R360 VOA-CAAP Audience Estimate for Major Cities in Morocco, 1974
Nigeria Africa 1963-04-03 R697 The Attitudes of Educated Nigerians on Several National and International Issues
Nigeria Africa 1964-06-01 R704 Nigerian Opinion: Lagos Residents React to African and International Issues
Nigeria Africa 1964-06-01 R705 Attitudes toward American and South African Race Problems among Lesser Educated Nigerians in Greater Lagos
Nigeria Africa 1964-08-01 R542 Nigerian Reactions to Issue #74 of "Today" Film: A Preliminary Report
Nigeria Africa 1964-10-08 R544 Foreign Radio Listening in Lagos, Nigeria (1964)
Nigeria Africa 1965-01-01 R186B Student Opinion in Nigeria
Nigeria Africa 1965-02-01 R186C Student Opinion in Nigeria
Nigeria Africa 1974-03-05 R333 VOA Audience Estimate for Nigeria
South Africa Africa 1965-12-01 R186A A Study of Grocery Buying in South Africa
South Africa Africa 1969-01-01 R205 The Youth Explosion: A Further Study of Young (White) South Africans between the Ages of 16 & 24
South Africa Africa 1978-03-31 R373 VOA Audience Estimate for South Africa, 1976
South Africa Africa 1978-08-02 R377 Listening to International Radio Stations, Including VOA, in South Africa (1977)
Sudan Africa 1978-08-16 R383 Listening to International Radio Stations, Including VOA, and Perceptions and Interests of Radio Audiences in Urban Sudan
Tanzania Africa 1966-05-01 R185 Media Study: East Africa Tanzania 
Tanzania Africa 1975-11-25 R358 VOA Audience Estimate for Tanzania, 1974
Tunisia Africa 1970-08-21 R319 Cultural Modernity: Evidence from Tunisia
Tunisia Africa 1974-05-14 R335 VOA-CAAP Audience Estimate for Tunisia 
USA Africa 1963-11-01 R701 African Students in the US I: Basic Attitudes and Aspirations, and Reactions to US Experiences
USA Africa 1964-03-01 R702 African Students in the US II: Sources of Information about America and Attitudes toward the Mass Media