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Attitudes of American Women 1962

The 1960’s are a decade characterized by social change, counterculture, and civil disobedience.  From the Stonewall demonstrations to the moon landing to Woodstock, the 60’s shook up the nation. This Attitudes of American Women 1962 poll was taken on the eve of these cultural shifts, and at the dawn  second-wave feminism. Learn about the habits, opinions, and beliefs of over 2,000 American women in the summer.  How would they feel about having a woman president?  What changes have happened to women when compared to their mothers’ generation?  Are extramarital affairs ever justified? Looking back, would they rather have been “career women” or homemakers?  Why are there so few women doctors in America?  Find out what they did for fun, the happiest and unhappiest periods in their lives, issues with their marriages, and many other unique questions.

The data was collected by the Gallup Organization for the Saturday Evening Post from June – July, 1962 of 2,313 married women ages 60 or less and never-married women ages 25-60, via self-administered questionnaires.  Explore the questions and results of the poll here.

Date Published: April 22, 2015