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Axios’ three co-founders — Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz — launched the company in January 2017 based on this shared belief: Media is broken, and too often a scam. Stories are too long or too boring. Websites are a maddening mess. The audience and the advertisers alike are too often afterthoughts. Readers get duped by headlines that don't deliver and are distracted by pop-up nonsense or unworthy clicks. Advertisers don't get the quality attention they deserve.

They engineered Axios around a simple proposition — deliver the clearest, smartest, most efficient and trustworthy experience for audience and advertisers alike. They cover stories clinically, not ideologically. 

  • Axios doesn't have an editorial page and they don’t pick sides with partisan opinion. Their view: There is enough noise and it's Axios'  job is to sort through this.
  • Axios employees refrain from taking partisan positions or sides on social media and in public forums. It’s one small but worthy step they take to gain and keep trust.
  • They believe truth and facts exist and must be highlighted, repeated, defended and cherished in their journalism.

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