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July 08, 2016
" Conventional Wisdom: Delegates, Conventions and Nominations The 2016 party conventions mark the end of a long and difficult primary season, one which has brought nomination process questions to the forefront of the national dialogue. Americans have been faced with the complexities of the roles of delegates and conventions in choosing the parties' nominees. Such controversies have arisen in earlier elections, and the public has shown some perhaps surprising views of how the process should work. A historical review of public opinion on the nomination process...

The Man or the Party, 1940

Should the platform of a political party be drawn up by the convention or by the man nominated for President? Gallup





The Whole World Was Watching

As a divided Republican Party prepares to meet in Cleveland to confirm Donald Trump as its 2016 nominee, it is appropriate to look back at public reaction to one of the most divided US political gatherings in recent history, the Chicago Democratic convention in 1968. Read more...

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