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Pew Global's India Winter 2014 Survey

February 03, 2015
How big of a threat are extremist groups to India and her neighbors? Do you approve of drone usage by the United States? Are the punishments for convicted rapists tough enough? Should homosexuality be accepted by society? Find out what 2,464 Indians have to say in Pew Research Center's Winter 2014 India Survey about politics, morality, and international affairs. Conducted between December 7th, 2013 and January 12th, 2014 in eight different languages, the survey covers questions about economic disparity, ties with Pakistan, the behaviors of world superpowers, the morality of various actions, and many other hot-topic political issues. Explore this fascinating data recently acquired by The Roper Center, along with other datasets that are part of the multi-country Pew Research Global Attitudes Project.