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Recent Publications Using Roper Data

May 01, 2019

Interested in seeing some of the research being performed using Roper archive data? This page pulls together a broad spectrum of our member’s recent publications, some of which we mentioned in social media. Have you published something recently using Roper data? Drop us a line and we will be happy to promote it in our media channels.



Time Magazine put this on their list of "13 New Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Fall." Congratulations to Bradley Hart @DrBHart @Fresno_State for "Hitler's American Friends." .

Congrats to @NORCNews's Tom Smith and Benjamin Schapiro for their chapter, "Antisemitism in Contemporary America," published in the American Jewish Year Book 2018. 

Congratulations to Lindsey Cormack @DCInbox for “Congress and U.S. Veterans: From the GI Bill to the VA Crisis," a work on how the US public views veterans. You can find out more at .  

Recently released by Jonathan Ladd @jonmladd and Alexander Podkul @apodkul of @Georgetown is “Sowing Distrust of the News Media as an Electoral Strategy,"  part of the forthcoming "Oxford Book of Electoral Persuasion."

Another interesting piece in Forbes by Karlyn Bowman using Roper Center data - this time analyzing public attitudes about torture:

An article on voter suppression Pulitzer Prize-winning @MiamiHerald Leonard Pitts Jr. @LeonardPittsJr1, making the point that access to the ballot is a fundamental principle of democracy.  

Wonderful article in University of Miami's Latin American Politics and Society by University of Chicago assistant professor Yanilda María González, "Participation as a Safety Valve: Police Reform Through Participatory Security in Latin America."

"Who Participated in the ACA? Gains in Insurance Coverage by Political Partisanship" was published by Political Science professors Mike Sances @mikesances at the University of Memphis and Joshua Clinton @joshclinton of Vaderbilt University in the Duke University Press Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.

Congrats to Matt Guardino, Associate Professor at Providence College, ‏for publishing his book "Framing Inequality: News Media, Public Opinion, and the Neoliberal Turn in U.S. Public Policy" with the Oxford University Press. ‏

Members around the world use Roper data in their work. Check out this article by Lucía Miranda Leibe of FLACSO Chile published in #Izquierdas, "Public Opinion in Chile during the period of the Popular Unity: A review of “The Polarization Thesis.”

Many congratulations to Alex Badas, Assistant Professor at the University of Houston and Katelyn E Stauffer, Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina for their publication of "Michelle Obama as a Political Symbol: Race, Gender, and Public Opinion toward the First Lady" in the Cambridge University Press Politics and Gender journal.

 “Every Second” is new research from examining the important but often overlooked aspects of over-incarceration in America, and how its impact extends beyond the prison walls on to the families on the other side. Congratulations to Principal Investigator Christopher Wildeman, Peter Enns @pete_enns, Youngmin Yi, Maria Fitzpatrick, and Alyssa Goldman (all from @Cornell) and a number of other scholars of mass incarceration from other institutions--Sara Wakefield of Rutgers University, Hedwig Lee of Washington University, Megan Comfort of RTI International, Emily Wang of Yale School of Medicine, and Christopher Muller of the University of California Berkeley.

And last but not least, Roper Center congratulations go out to Jeff Niederdeppe, a Roper Center Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Communication at Cornell University. His team's paper, “Using Graphic Warning Labels to Counter Effects of Social Cues and Brand Imagery in Cigarette Advertising,” was published Oct. 24 in Health Education Research.