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Resources for Understanding the Flint Water Crisis blog

February 04, 2016

Water Crisis: Worry and a Lack of Trust

Two critical issues inform the public response to the Flint water crisis: worries about drinking water and a lack of trust in government. Read Worry and a Lack of Trust.

Perceptions of Health Effects of Pollution

There can be many causes of problems with a person’s health. How important do you think each of the following is as a cause of such problems? How about…being exposed to air, water, or chemical pollution? Would you say that is extremely important, very important, somewhat important, not too important, or not at all important?

Extremely 35%

Very 38%

Somewhat 21%

Not too 2%

Not at all 2%

More on what the public think affects health, from the HSPH/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/NPR Poll: What Shapes Health poll.