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Student Employment at the Roper Center

February 18, 2016
Students, both graduate and undergraduate, have always been integral to the Roper Center. Students work in the archive, processing new datasets to make them ready for download, converting historical datasets into usable formats, writing dataset abstracts, and digitizing the documentation that ensures data can analyzed and understood into the future. Students work in the iPOLL database, adding new questions to keep the archive up-to-date, and proofing to ensure quality. Over the years, students have played central roles in designing new technological tools, developing new systems for assigning topic categories to polling questions, writing polling overviews for the website, conducting research on polling history, and conducting outreach for data acquisition. And our students learn! Working at the Center means hands-on experience with dataset management and archival practices. Many students have started at Roper as undergraduates and continued to work for the Center in increasingly advanced roles through graduate school -a few even beyond graduation. We value our students, especially the skills and enthusiasm they bring to their work. Interested in working for the Center, or know someone who is? Check out our current student job opportunities.