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Exit Polls FAQ

Exit Polls FAQ

  • Exit Polls FAQ

  • Yes, the Roper Center offers some  historical Exit Polls from Mexico.

  • Additional information is available from Edison Research at this page.

  • Roper’s collection dates back to the very first Exit Poll, conducted by CBS News in 1972. Exit Polls were conducted in U.S. national presidential election from 1972-1980. The first Exit Polls in a midterm election were fielded in 1982.

  • The most recent primary datasets are available in SPSS, Stata, and .csv formats.

  • Complete lists of state primary Exit Polls and state national election Exit Polls are available.

  • The U.S. Exit Polls are conducted by Edison Research on behalf of the National Election Pool (NEP), a consortium of major media organizations, and AP Votecast.

  • All states are represented in each year’s national Election Day poll. The NEP determines which states will be included in the primary and Election Day state-level polling.