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Dataset Info

Studies available: 140

Type of sample: adults from national, state, city or special sample

Dataset Topic Highlights

Conflicts: Gulf War, Malvinas conflict, military coup, nuclear war, strikes and terrorism

Economics: business, crisis, debt, economic situation, employment, inflation, investment, privatization, reforms, savings and taxes

Elections: campaigns, candidates, electoral system, interest in elections, mandatory vote, political parties, presidential elections, primary elections, referendum, state elections and voting intentions

Family: abortion, family planning and marriage

Foreign affairs: communism, disarmament, Latin America for the alliance for progress

Government: constitutional reform, government performance, military government, most important problem for the country and trust in institutions

Political culture: interest in politics, political participation and satisfaction with democracy

Sports: soccer

iPoll Questions

American attitudes regarding issues related to Argentina

Datasets by Decade

1960s – 12

1970s – 10

1980s – 15

1990s – 88

2000s – 9

2010s – 6

Datasets by Survey Organization